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“ We help to save every cent, for your document operation cost ”

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Tell us your budget and our experts will provide you the best solution for your company.

Has your copier machine or printer just given up? Took you ages to wait for the service partner come to service you? Why not find an expert to work out what’s going on with your copier machine?

  • Increase Efficiency

    Changing a new copier machine not only helps to save your operation cost, it also helps to increase the efficiency of a workplace.

  • Save Cost

    RS ePRINT, a document finance planner who helps to save your operation cost by proposing the right photocopier machine that caters to your company need.

  • Support

    We provide and supply hardware and software solutions as well as technical support for businesses within Malaysia.

We Rent, Sell and Maintain photocopiers in Malaysia

With the advance color, laser and digital technology, copiers are now multi-functional and can perform not only copying, but also print, scan and fax too.


Short/Long Term Rental

Renting a copier machine can let you plan your operation cost ahead and have the flexibility in your cash flow.

Product & Supplies

We carry several copier brands and supply consumable parts. Just tell us what you need!

Leading Technology

We consistently upgrade system so it is always ahead of the modern technology.

Importer/ Exporter

A trusted importer and exporter. Our copier machines are all in the top quality.

Reduce Operation Cost

We supply our copier to you at the lowest cost, maximum satisfaction.


You can find a wide range of refurbished copier machine here! They are as good as new!

Quality Assurance

We assure that our machine is always supplied in the good condition and high productivity.


Drop us an email and tell us what you need. We can work out a plan from there!